Study in Canada

Study in Canada
  • Study in Canada

    Canada is one of the most beautiful stretches of Earth on the planet consisting of 10 provinces and 3 territories. Education in Canada is under the complete jurisdiction of the provinces and territories (States) and as such, there is no Federal (Central) education system in Canada. In keeping with the national commitment to education, public education in Canada is free up to and including secondary school (12th Standard), in all the provinces. At the post-secondary level, institutions are divided into community colleges and universities.

  • Why Study in Canada
    • The Degrees that you get at a Canadian college or university are usually internationally recognized. Your degree can be presented globally without fear of repercussions and will lead you to a good job.
    • Affordable education is one of the main reasons to study in Canada. When compared to other countries, the cost of education is lower, which makes Canada a preferred choice for students attending college or university.
    • Canada is a world leader in mining technology, aerospace, software development, telecommunications and environmental industries. This gives students a vast variety of disciplines to draw upon and pursue for their higher education.
    • The quality of education offered in Canada is counted amongst the best in the world and features innovative research methods, top class faculties, internationally acclaimed scholars and research excellence.
    • Cost of living when compared to other major countries that attract large numbers of international student is very less, while at the same time maintaining high standards.
    • Two official languages, French and English are taught as second languages, which makes Canada world leaders in language training. Most students opt for language courses before a regular academic program if they have difficulty in grasping these languages.
    • Numerous work opportunities after graduation is considered a very major reason for international students to visit and study in Canada.

  • Admission Requirments
    • University application Form.
    • Copy of Valid Passport.
    • Recognised qualification certificate(s) / Transcript(s).
    • Please note that all academic documents should be attested from concerned bodies(e.g HEC, IBCC etc).
    • One Picture.
    • 2 Reference/Recommendation letters.
    • English Language Test: IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT or university preffered Test.
    • Statement of Purpose(SOP), at least 500 words.
    • ExpericeLetter(if applicable)
    • Resume(if applicable)

  • Bank Statement / Living Cost

    CAD$ 11,000 (of 12 months)

  • Canadian Embassy Fees

    CAD$ 125

  • Programmes
    • Alternative Entry Pathways(Certificates/Diplomas)
    • Undergraduate Degrees
    • Postgraduate Degrees / Diplomas / Certificates
    • PhD. Programmes